As many of you know, it is now customary for design websites to have blogs…. Witty, inspiring blogs, beautifully illustrated with spectacular photographs, filled with pearls of wisdom that will inspire and entertain all who read them. I read several blogs regularly, and I am often impressed with the amount of research, work and time that goes into producing successful ones. I am hesitant to embark on such an endeavor, because I have some idea of just how much time is involved, and the luxury of free time is one thing that I lack. Nonetheless, I have promised myself that this is something to which I am committed, and I will do my best to come up with topics, photos and research that I hope will at least entertain you, and at best leave you knowing more than you did before. My company is dedicated to designing and installing beautiful gardens, and we are lucky to have wonderful clients with both generous budgets and the desire to create something unique and beautiful. Out of respect for their privacy, I won’t ever share details of their lives, but I will share photographs of some of the wonderful gardens of which we have had a hand in creating, and tell you about some of the challenges that we have faced while designing gardens on the high plains of Kansas and Missouri.